Gaskets SA (Pty) Ltd




Gaskets S.A. (Pty) Ltd has been manufacturing gaskets since 1987, and is now also a level 4 black empowered company, with a Level 4 BBBEE standing.

Over the past few years there have been major changes and developments in the sealing industry and Gaskets S.A. has kept abreast of these changes.

We have placed strong emphasis on the growth of a range of non-asbestos gasket materials in preference to asbestos, which is now a banned material in South African.

In the high temperature textile market, Gaskets S.A. is a leader in high temperature and high pressure solutions.

The company was started as a derivative of the valve and allied manufacturing arm of the Break Away Group of companies. Since then, Gaskets S.A. has grown into a leader in gasket design and manufacturing in South Africa.

Gaskets S.A. remains dedicated to providing quality products and services to the sealing industry in and beyond South Africa.